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Maximum Traction On Ice and Snow



Innovative technology. Outstanding effect.

Studdable winter tire for passenger, light truck and SUV vehicles that incorporates the latest technologies and have been tested in the most severe weather conditions to deliver grip and safety standards at the highest level for all winter road conditions.

  • Great grip on ice due to innovative studs
  • Short braking distances on icy roads
  • Asymmetrical Pattern Technology
  • Improved handling performance
Semperit VAN-GRIP 3

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We offer resources and information to help you make informed decisions when it comes to winter tires.

What are winter tires?

Winter weather, snow, and ice can come suddenly as an unwelcome surprise. For challenging weather conditions, you need proper winter tires.

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Gislaved Tires

Designed for winter conditions. Your winter weather master.

Gislaved is a Nordic brand you can trust for tire excellence in challenging winter weather conditions based on more than a hundred years of winter tire expertise.

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