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Harsh winter weather? Trust our perfect grip and traction this winter season!


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Gislaved is a Nordic brand you can trust for tire excellence in challenging winter weather conditions based on more than a hundred years of winter tire expertise.

Our Swedish heritage and extensive background in developing tires for the most demanding driving conditions meet the highest Scandinavian, European and international quality standards.

As part of the global Continental AG, Gislaved has access to a global network of resources, expertise and technology, allowing us to continually improve, refine and innovate our tire range.

Our tires develop as the wheels of progress turn

Gislaved at a glimpse

  • the Gislow brothers founded the company - named after their Swedish village - in 1893
  • they champion an innovative spirit and outstanding quality built on Nordic character and expertise
  • the first Swedish tires roll-off production line in 1905
  • the first Volvos are produced – equipped with our tires
  • major milestone – millionth tire produced in 1949
  • by 1970 main export markets include Scandinavia, Japan, and North America
  • Gislaved joins Continental AG 
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Why Gislaved?

Why are Gislaved tires the right choice for you?

With so many tires to choose from, where do you start? There are so many technologies, patterns, and compounds. Let’s face it: most people want the best solution for their driving needs. Especially when the buying decision is time crucial and usually coupled with – the seasonal change of your summer or winter tires. You want the right tire to enjoy safe driving at the right price.

Safety first

You can be confident of Gislaved tires, whatever the season. Our expertise is founded on our Scandinavian heritage and technological know-how as a brand to trust come rain or shine, ice or snow. And that’s never been so important as in today’s changeable climatic conditions – with unseasonal weather and extremes becoming the norm.

Unique needs

Vehicles, routes and destinations are as unique as drivers. And that’s why you will find exactly what you need at Gislaved – whatever the season, whatever your needs. Check out our tire range to choose the best fit for you.

Tech & innovation

We continually research, develop and launch new tires incorporating the latest technological advances in material science and safety. That’s why you can be confident that Gislaved tires will give your vehicle the highest protection against the most demanding winter-type road conditions. Our continual improvement process (CIP) ensures that we consistently deliver more refined and enhanced products – enriched by the global know-how of the Continental Group.

Attractive price-point

You expect tire durability, optimal performance, and a fair price, bearing in mind cost isn’t only off-the-shelf but also how often tires need to be replaced. Gislaved tires are thoroughly tested in winter conditions to increase strength and tread wear. The longer your tires last, the less often they need to be replaced – saving you money and hassle. Which sounds good, right?


Gislaved tires have been developed to achieve the optimal balance between engineering, appearance and performance. Our continual improvement process ensures that the tires incorporate the latest winter know-how and expertise while fully reflecting your highest requirements. Peerless optimized performance is matched by outstanding design. Every groove is purposely positioned. Every compound is finely tuned. A perfect symbiosis of function and design that ensures your new tires will keep you safe and look great, too.  

Gislaved tires. Designed for winter conditions. Your winter weather master.

Historical photograph of the Gislaved factory

Our values

We want to keep you safe on the road in all seasons. And that’s why we’re constantly improving our products to increase your driving pleasure and safety.
We stand by three core values that define our focus and set us apart from competitors.


Delivering quality tires you can rely on - that’s Gislaved’s Nordic DNA. It’s what we do. You’re not just buying four tires. You’re trusting us to get you where you want to go, whatever the weather - extreme heat and cold, heavy downpours, ice, sleet or snow. That inspires our production team to leverage Gislaved’s winter expertise and technological prowess to ensure your perfect grip and safe driving.


Let’s face it: tires aren’t very interesting for most people. Yet, taking the time to choose the right tires could save your life. And here at Gislaved, we take that responsibility very seriously. With our extensive experience developing summer and winter tires to handle the most challenging driving conditions, we have extensive knowledge of stud technology, anti-aquaplaning measures, and optimal grip. Our reputation is built on combining our Nordic heritage with cutting-edge materials and compound design advances. Nothing fancy or fashionable – just down-to-earth basics that you can trust.


We know what we’re doing. So you know exactly what you’re getting. Drawing on our extensive winter experience and leveraging the latest technology gives Gislaved a deep knowledge base, ensuring quality today and innovation tomorrow. Gislaved tires allow you to enjoy optimal all-year driving safety with the driving experience you crave. Fine-tuning that balance between safety, performance and comfort drives our team forward daily to develop ever-better products and enhancements. Our passion is your complete satisfaction with the driving experience – whatever the weather. 

Winter expertise

  • The Gislaved brand is shaped by its Nordic heritage - a distinctly Scandinavian landscape of extreme weather across all four seasons.
  • Such an environment – heavy snowfalls, freezing temperatures, icy conditions, and sudden downpours – demands an innovative and intuitive approach.
  • From that self-reliant problem-solving mindset, expertise develops. Winter conditions demand winter-style thinking and winter-quality solutions.
  • Over a century ago, the young Gislow brothers - Carl and Wilheim – faced a problem: how to travel the winter roads, whatever the season?
  • Their solution was to develop an optimized rubber compound and advantageous tire profiles to ensure safe driving and smooth performance.
  • Which represented the starting point for our journey.
  • To put it simply, you can trust Gislaved tires because they’ve been developed on the reliable pillars of winter expertise, extensive experience, and cutting-edge technology.