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Innovative technology. Outstanding effect.

Studdable winter tire for passenger, light truck and SUV vehicles that incorporates the latest technologies and have been tested in the most severe Nordic conditions to deliver grip and safety standards at the highest level for all winter road conditions.

Technical Details

Great grip on ice due to innovative studs.

  • The combination of a reduced-weight material and an innovative profile design leads to improved grip on ice.
  • Pre-studded option available on select tire sizes.
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Short breaking distances on icy roads.

  • Even smaller pieces of ice do not impair safe handling when they reach the contact surface. The tire tread establishes direct contact with the icy road, and the braking distance remains extremely short even in difficult situations.
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Asymmetrical Pattern Technology

  •  Adjusted outer shoulder for optimized handling performance and V-shaped inner area for improved aqua planning performance and water flow.  
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Sharp Angle Shoulder Design

& 3D Stepped/ 3D Sinusoidal Sipe Technology

  • Allows improvement in lateral grip and increased pattern stiffness to offer a better overall handling experience in all weather conditions.
  •  A combination of 3D stepped sipes on the inside and 3D sinusoidal sipes on the outside work together to provide optimized grip for snow and ice while improving wear performance.

Enhanced Snow, Ice & Wet Traction

  • Snowflake approved sizes meet the severe snow service requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC).


Product Fact Sheet NORD*FROST 200

Product Fact Sheet NORD*FROST 200

pdf 737 KB

NORD*FROST 200 Brochure

NORD*FROST 200 Brochure

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